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Here’s some science for you, if you’re curious.

Trusted by many industries.

Unlimited Polyurea is a two component, polyurea with colored vinyl flake coating, designed for one day application. It is extremely durable with a good abrasion resistance. This system has been designed for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Installations last in excess of 25 years.

What makes Polyurea flooring durable is that it’s 100% non-porous and monolithic. This creates an impervious, pinhole free surface which offers a high level of protection against chemical attack. The longevity of Ployurea results from deep penetrating primers that create a strong chemical and mechanical bond to the substrate.

Fast installation and quick cure saves you money.

VOC Compliant and virtually no odour our Polyurea/Flake systems are extremely tough, incredibly resistant to moisture vapour drive from the concrete and hard wearing.

Benefits of Polyurea Technology

  • One Day Installation: Accelerates cure time, walk on your floor in 12 hours, park on in 2-4 days (depending on season) – worry free.
  • Slip Resistant: Adjustable, positively textured profile to minimize slip risks in wet or damp areas.
  • Chemical Resistant: Protects against acids, alkalis, caustic soda, salt solutions, oils, fats and sanitizers.
  • Decorative: Available in vibrant quartz colour mixes that can be matched to interior finishes.
  • UV Resistant: Exhibits excellent UV colour stability over time and will not become brittle with age.

Our Colour Palette

Technical Specifications